The Fireplace Saga

Our fireplace looked like a 1950’s bathroom. It had been sealed off with ceramic tile that was crooked in the middle. A beautiful focal in our living room for all to enjoy. Until yesterday.


We were about to leave after a late night at the house and decided that it had to go. So we grabbed hammers and crowbars and went at it. I cannot describe the joy I felt as we chipped away at the horrible tiles. Underneath it was a brick fireplace. Who would cover that up with tile?! We were a little upset that a previous owner took the art tiles from the center. I am so curious as to what it would have looked looked like.


Our next step is to get a quote on what it would cost to repair or completely demolish. Our living room is so small that the fireplace & built in’s take up an extra 12 inches of the living room. We are also considering a gas fireplace. I also have looked into some less expensive remodeling/resurfacing or painting options:

Regardless I am happier with the brick over the tile. It at least feels natural!

Before and After

Before and After


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