Porch Remodel

The porch originally was going to be knocked down and due to that, I do not have many photos. We decided to keep it for a year or so, as we wanted to spend our money on landscaping first. Eventually we will knock it down and add french doors into the kitchen. For now, we decided to take advantage of the additional sq footage and make it a usable room!

This room had the white/yellow paint and the stick on flooring (like we replaced in the kitchen). It was really dirty and dingy. There is no electricity into the room, so we had to get creative. The walls are paneling and the outside of the house (which is REALLY REALLY hard to nail anything into!).



Kitchen looking into the porch/paneling


Paneling with stick on flooring


Nice yellow hue (ugh!)


Another view of the yellow/paneling


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We kept the flooring and just added a jute rug. The walls are painted with the leftover paint from the hallways.

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The chair was a “free find”! We bought the couch used. The little table was from a thrift store. Overall, this room was furnished for about $400.

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We used string lights for some ad hoc lighting (with an extension cord)